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The GOAT PoL (the Geopolitical Open Atlas of The Polity of Literature) is a map of the polity of literature. It is a territory made of writing and reading together. We offer solidarity and invite you to join. Help expand the polity of literature by writing and reading with us.

We hope The GOAT PoL will be a resource for the disenfranchised, anyone whose rights or safety are threatened—for instance, people on the move, prisoners, children, and everyone else. You know who you are. Find your agency and belonging here with us, reading and writing in The GOAT PoL.

To join The GOAT PoL send us your stories. We want to read them and publish them. We’ll pay you for your writing and ask you to read others. Be a writer and a reader, together with others. It’s easy: read the stories on the map and send us your own.

Ground Rules: We welcome every writer, disenfranchised or not. Please give us a try. When you submit a story asking, “Work with me first…”, we have to finish and publish that story before you can submit a new one. We work on one story at a time. Please be patient. We work with many writers and look forward to working with you.

The GOAT PoL is funded and hosted by Musagetes, a Canadian arts foundation. Our goat drawings are by Micha Zweifel. Currently, eight people work as Readers/Advisors/Editors (RAEs), available to work directly with any writers who want to publish with us. The RAEs are Parwana Amiri, Niels Bekkema, Louis Lüthi, Izra Rosario, Audrey Simango, Matthew Stadler, Alison Turner, and Kate Vieira.

If you have questions or would like to join us, working as a RAE, our email is thegoatpol@tutanota.com. We’re also on Twitter, @thegoatpol, and Instagram, @the_goat_pol.