Can’t Love Woman

This woman (Alisa) has given so much love to the men she loved in the past that she hasn’t left an iota of herself.

 The time between each relationship is about 4 years, but even though it has been 8 years since her last relationship, She has not taken anyone into her life. Cooled down at the speed of light from each.

The woman wanted to make a way for herself, she left her family and built a house for herself. She continues her life alone from where She left off. She goes to museums again, sometimes alone and sometimes in the forest with people She finds intellectually close to her; jogging, playing chess and doing different activities like that.

Life is harder for her now because if she falls, she won’t have anyone to lift her up, so she has to take care of both her health and financials. Despite all these warnings, she still buys the clothes she likes, even though it is expensive. She takes care of herself and while doing these, she has occasional anxiety about the future.

A Turkish poet writes the poem “35 years old is half the way” and He dies at 46. So in reality, the half of the way for the poet is not 35, but 23. In this case, it is debatable how meaningful it would be to worry about the future.

The only thing Alisa is sure of is that she stays away from people she doesn’t like because it’s more peaceful that way. She thinks about how to achieve her financial independence, at least she wants to have her own house.

Money represents power. She had to make a living, had no debts and had at least $20,000, for tough times. She was getting more and more lonely because each of her family members was charting a course for herself. They all thought of their own financial independence.

Spiritual bonds were weakening over time. Alisa approached her goals step by step. First She got a job, then She did e-commerce for 1 year, but She terminated her own business due to lack of capital and not being able to establish the necessary team.

Later, she started a salaried job and bought a car with her own income, then got her bachelor’s degree from the university and eventually got herself a house and started living alone.

While doing all this, she spared herself nothing. She met with people of different characters and formed a conversation. Those people only accompanied her path and contributed to her personal development.

One of Alisa’s goals is to travel abroad and I believe she will do that too.