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I got married a struggling man I love so much in 2019. My husband has nothing when I decided to marry him but I still choose to be his wife. He loves me genuinely also listens to my advices and I know he will make with me by his side.
Everyone around me didn’t support the marriage especially my mum. My mother said that she can never support me. I move on and married my husband from the little he saved then together with mine, we were able to do our marriage traditionally.

Fast forward to when I gave birth to my first baby, my mother refused to come for the omugwo even though I delivered through C’s.Things were so difficult for me and hubby then. Second baby came, I personally called my mum to come but she said she can’t stay hungry in my house all in the name of Omugwo. My husband called her, she gave her the biggest insult of his life that my husband broke down in tears while on the call with her.

Now my husband sold his inherited land and moved to UK since last year and God answered us at once. He made life easier for me and my kids now, we have packed into a flat in Lagos here and I just put to Last week. I didn’t inform my mum anymore, she called on Sunday that she is coming to Omugwo in my house that she has already gone to the market to buy the things she will use to take care of me as her child.
I told her that I will discuss it with my husband to know if she can come but I just don’t want her around me now. My husband said anything I decide on her coming is what we will do.
Please is it wrong to deny her coming to this Omugwo Angel or allow her come?
Is there any implication of I reject her coming to my house as my mother ?