My arrival in Germany

By Fadia Faizi
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When you enter Germany as a refugee, you will be confronted with many problems, for example many psychological conflicts. You have all the stress with the interview at the Federal Office for Migration and Flight and at the same time you are constantly being transferred from one refugee accommodation to the next. You’re also worried about how to learn the language quickly. I want to say that all this will end. For a while you have to be very brave and just keep going. You will miss your friends, you will miss your family, all the people you love who are far away from you and most of all you will miss your home. Try not to despair, but think about the future, because Germany is a country of opportunities. Try to become the person who one day can make all the people you love proud and give them energy. As a refugee in Germany, you will have to spend a while in refugee camps. This time is hard but it is also the time to learn, the time to get acquainted with the new country, the new laws and the new people. It’s almost fair to say that this is the time you choose your own path in Germany, so try to choose the right path for you. Germany is a country in which you have to move on and shouldn’t wait. Even after arrival you have to fight for the things you endured all the hardships and came for. Once you flee, and once the migration path begins, there is no going back. It all starts with entering Germany. New problems, new friends, new cities, new people, and you should bravely look forward to it. Never say ”I’m waiting” or ”I’m done” . Don’t say, ”I’ve reached my goal and it’s time to rest.” Instead, say ”I’ve reached my goal and its time for a fresh start.” Never say ”it’s over”.