Pain inside the fire

By sam mweze
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One day i was  in Democratic republic of congo precisely in Goma, What was once bustling neighborhood on the outskirts of goma, i saw the smoldering sea of igneous rock residents sought through the few remain of my home incinerated by devastating lava flow from mount Nyiragongo amid the chaos ernestine cowboys in a state of shock my earlier

I tried to help my brother from our home as the lava crept closer but he was too ill to leave i

Couldn’t go alone , i decided to go with him , i went back to at least try to get him out but i

Couldn’t ran away and he got burned inside i didn’t know what to do i cursed that day , i’m

Telling you the area was thrown into panic as the volcano sent walls of orange lava south

towards the rwandan border witnesses say it grew three stories high in some parts several

Died in a traffic accident trying to flee while others simply had nowhere to run , my brother

Passed away i feel awful i was asking for help to leave that area because everything i had

Has gone up in smoking i didn’t even had anything , even the place i did fetch water was

Destroyed i was really sad to lose brother and the things which could help me to survive

Was burning i suffered , i thought that maybe the lack of internet , there was no data to

Compare with the volcano’s more recent activity , volcano temperature was worst at that

Time . it was suddenly to see the and see my brother burned at our home so sad , since

That day couldn’t never return to the democratic republic of congo.


before that time I was in a city where you can easily find death because of the raw material found there while our house is covered with a material called casterite the government chased me there low so that I am looking for another place despite my displacement nothing to change because I was upset by the lava certainly for me I considered this place as the red zone where I was hit by rebels for several years but also suffered natural disasters but also when the lava touches any body directly the body becomes like a stone and I could not even dig a pit for the toilet because of lava, even in the cemetery we cannot dig a meter it is difficult , I can’t drink pure water everything is dirty so I had seen all these dramas that’s when I decided to seek refuge in another country just to find peace.

i have never seen another place called goma it has a lake called kivu i almost lost my life in this lake i was going somewhere to pray in the place called lujo it is a mountain in the middle of the lake the wave threatens strongly we even begin to drown suddenly at one point the waves were heavy and the person who leads us took the path until we arrived on land we were almost dead there in lake kivu there is natural gas in the middle of the lake, that’s why you don’t find many fish on the surface because of the gas, but the fish are wedged below the lake, this extremely dangerous natural gas, it is little used, that’s why in the future day it can cause damage.


what I had experienced in the red zone (goma), it was the combination of things like: volcano, earthquake, gas…, the land is fertile but little space to cultivate only in areas that do not have known the volcanic eruption, when the volcano tries to overflow the first thing that happens is the earthquake, when it happens we tend to have the movement of the volcano, because when it is dark the atmosphere becomes very hot , the city of goma was full of smoke due to natural disaster, it is a city that is surrounded by mountains on the border with rwanda.


what i summarized about all these things living in a place full of disasters, you need technology to understand some things that can destroy our whole life, i had lost everything even my brother