Dowa District: Road To Freedom

By Jacque Tuyisenge

It is with a deep sorrow that innocent people keep being treated the way they were not supposed to be treated. Lack of employment opportunities and other means to make money has destroyed many youths in Dowa district. There is a group call 24/7 that has become a threat to the community. Many people suspect that this group of fifteen people attacks citizens at night and steal from them. Whenever the police try to investigate on them, it ends up finding nothing all the time. But the people continue to accuse them of attacking people at night.

There is a group of volunteers who promised to be staying up at night in order to maintain the security of people. This group is called the Basungusungu. One day, they saw three men standing in the small bush alongside the road. These men attacked a woman who was coming from Dowa Turn-off around 8pm. The woman was luck since the Basungusungu group was around. When these three men saw the group, they run away. The group decided not to run after them in order to protect the woman and her properties that she had.

When the 24/7 group learned that there were some volunteers who started to provide security for the people, they decide to stay quiet for a while. After staying quiet for almost two months, this made people in the community to be sure that the 24/7 group was the one attacking people. This didn’t make the Basungusungu volunteers stop doing what was necessary to provide security to people in the community. They were sure that one day, they will catch someone who try to attack the people in the community.

A nightmare showed up in the group of 24/7 when they thought of resuming their actions because of being broke. They attacked a guy who was on the motorbike at around mid-night. Unfortunately, the Basungusungu group was always up all the time. The motorbike person screamed loudly and they heard him from far. The rescue team came faster and managed to catch two people from the 24/7 group. The two people who were caught were arrested and they are waiting to show up in the court. After this incident, Dowa district is now at people since the rest of the guys were also arrested through the help from the other two guys.

1 October, 2023