A Humbled Womanizer

By Manuel Ndagije

Mbenjere was the kind of guy who likes sleeping around with multiple women in his community. When it came to dating, people called him “lover boy” because of the ease with which he persuaded women to go out with him. Sometimes he would even date three or four women at once without any of them knowing they were all in a relationship with the same man. His friends would ask him how he did it, but he would just laugh and say that he had some sweet pickup lines. This earned him the admiration of his friends.

A person can be a playboy, but there is always an expiry date for people who lie to women. Sometimes these kinds of men meet playgirls who teach them lessons. One day, Mbenjere approached a girl called Dorcas. He pursued her for almost two weeks before the girl finally accepted his advances. Dorcas did not know about Mbenjere’s behavior and the multiple girls in his life. Six months into Mbenjere and Dorcas’s relationship, she got pregnant. Feeling no shame, Mbenjere refused to admit paternity of the child. Dorcas was an independent woman, and she was not going to beg him to be in her life. She decided to raise the child alone.

But whenever Dorcas thought of the promises Mbenjere had made to her, it would make her angry. Mbenjere had promised that he would never refuse to admit paternity, nor stop taking care of his children. But things turned out differently when Dorcas got pregnant. Dorcas went to Mbenjere’s home and it made the situation worse. Mbenjere shouted at her for showing up at his place uninformed.

Dorcas’s family was not happy upon hearing the news. After all, Mbenjere and her were together most of the time. Her uncle went to court to sue him so that he would be arrested. Once Mbejere got wind of that, he ran away from his community and was nowhere to be found. Dorcas’s uncle was very angry that the man who had destroyed his niece’s life was not paying for it. He decided to drop the case, though, since no one knew where Mbejere was.

Mbenjere returned to the community after Dorcas gave birth. By that time, the uncle’s anger had subsided, since it had been months and he had accepted the situation. In addition, Mbenjere had sent his family to apologize on his behalf.

When Dorcas gave birth, the newborn baby looked exactly like Mbenjere. Everyone was amused that he would even try to deny being the father. The reason behind it all was that Mbenjere was irresponsible and could not handle taking care of children. Women are so nice that they forget about how men have hurt them. Mbenjere apologized and begged her to take him back. Dorcas welcomed him back with open arms, though it was a very tough decision.

Three years later, Dorcas got pregnant again and everyone was surprised that she would allow someone like Mbenjere to impregnate her again. After nine months, Dorcas gave birth to twins. This time around, Dorcas went straight to Mbenjere’s parents together with all three children. Dorcas told Mbenjere’s father that she was not going anywhere since she and the three children were a part of their family. Mbenjere was out of ideas this time around. He accepted the children and agreed to marry Dorcas after tormenting her for so long. Dorcas seemed to have hatched a plan after Mbenjere came back into her life. The plan was to give birth to another child and go straight to his family. Her plan worked, and Mbenjere stopped being a womanizer and focused on raising his children.

20 June, 2023