A Letter To Father

By Tuyishime Jeanpierre

Jeanpierre Tuishime
TA/ Msakambewa
O. Box 16


Dear Father,

I hope this letter finds you in good health. This is your son, Jean. It’s been a while since we were in touch.

Things haven’t been well since you left. Mother is unwell. Yesterday at the hospital, she was told that the drugs she needs are unavailable. The doctor said that we have to go to the pharmacy to buy the drugs for next month ourselves. All I could afford were some Brufen tablets, but those just help a bit with the pain. They won’t cure her.

Father, please, for the sake of mother’s well-being, try to feel some pity and send us some money. You know how much she suffers without her medication.

Ever since you married a second wife, it feels as if you pay no attention to us anymore. It seems you’ve forgotten the promise you made to mother to never fall in love with another woman. Uwicyeza and Paul miss you so much. They asked me to send their regards. We all yearn for your care, love and support. For the sake of your Uwicyeza, try to at least show up at home someday. Don’t you remember all the meals we shared and the conversations we had?

I hope my stepbrother is well. Can I meet him some time? Although I have come to accept that you abandoned us, please, don’t tear this family apart any further. I belief deep down you still love mother. Maybe you are ashamed of coming home and you think she can’t forgive you? I can assure you that’s not the case. She’ll find the space in her heart to forgive you.

We are still your children. Father, please, I beg you to return to us. We shouldn’t suffer from the differences between you and mom. I feel as though we are victims, Father. I hope one day, you will reflect on your choices and reach out to us.

Abandoning your family… I don’t write all this to make you feel guilty, but to remind you of the bond we share, and to plead for you to act as a father once more.

Despite everything, we still love you, deeply. I eagerly await your response. I hope someday, we can reminisce over our shared memories and create new ones again and as family.

Yours faithfully,


27 September, 2023