A letter to my mother

By Seraphine Nimbona

A Letter To My Mother

I remember how I used to say no whenever my mother would send me to do anything for her. I used to think she was disturbing me and making my life difficult but I wish she was here now so that I would apologize to her. When my mother asked me to do something for her, I was never allowed to refuse. She never allowed something like that to happen; instead, she could ask me repeatedly until I complied. As a single mother of 5 children, I saw that my mother had a reason why she trained me to learn how to work because it is what made me become who I am today. If my mother had raised me according to how I wanted it, It could be seen as  disrespectful. As of now, I believe that the lessons I got from my mother when I was little, are the same lessons that I will continue to use in order to raise my children in a positive manner.

I take my mother as a role model to me. I wish she was here so that i could say thank you but she died too soon and I am unable and will never have a chance to thank her for the great work she did to raise me. I believe that where she is now, she will be able to hear my heart and what I am wishing for. Maybe her soul will be able to smile and keep resting in paradise. Only mountains do not meet but I believe souls do meet. Till we meet again in heaven my lovely mamma… Everyone would be wondering why I am talking about my mother who is no longer alive yet I am also running at my old age. I am currently 45 years of age but I believe that no matter how old a person is, having a mother is something which is great in people’s lives. I remember how my mother used to encourage me to go to school every day and I could feel like she was putting too much pressure on me. However, after looking at what I have achieved because of school, I wished I could thank my mother more than a million times for encouraging me to go to school. My mother would wake up early in the morning to make sure that porridge was ready for her children to eat so that they can go to school. Whenever one of her children was late for school, she would punish her for being late since she could not allow us to do any household chores in the morning apart from weekends only. This made us focus on school and we could get good grades.

My mother was a backup for me whenever I had problems. At the age of 11, I was involved in a motorbike accident and my mother was always there for me. When the accident occurred, strangers rushed me to the hospital. Upon hearing the sad news, she rushed and came to where I was. She looked so worried and hugged me while whispering to me that everything will be alright. This made me become very strong to the extent that I felt like I started healing right away. I spent one week in the hospital and my mother never left my side even for a single minute. When I came back from the hospital, my bond with my lovely mother became too strong. I realized that her love for me was incomparable. I thank the doctors who never slept until my legs came back to normal and I healed well. Without my mother by my side during that incident, I don’t think that I would make it. The heroism in my mother will never be compared. I can lose friends and get others but if there is someone that I lost and never had them back is my mother.

1 February, 2023