A Miracle Child

By Nelly Happiness

Once upon a time, there was a girl named Natasha who was born and raised by her uncle. When Natasha was six months old, her mother had cancer and knew she needed to find someone else to care for her baby. Natasha grew with her uncle, the brother of her mom. He was her mom’s only sibling. So, the trust that Natasha’s mom had in her brother was unbreakable before she got sick. When her mom handed her to her brother, it was because she had a few days left to live. Her mom died when Natasha was seven months old.

But Natasha’s uncle was never a good person. He was a ritualist and wanted to use Natasha’s life for sacrifice so that he could be rich. One time, in the middle of the night, he tried to use black magic charms from witchcraft while Natasha was deep asleep. He screamed Natasha’s name five times and said, You must die, you must! But God loved Natasha very much and never wanted to see her go through such pain. God showed the whole scene to Natasha in her dreams, though she didn’t know that it was happening in reality. She woke up, took her bible, prayed loudly, and cried out to God, saying, Oh, God of Israel, David, and Esther, please have mercy on me and vindicate me out of this trouble. Natasha was very scared about what she dreamed. When she finished praying, she started to thank God for her life and everything that God was doing in her life.

Luckily, she was loved by everyone else in her neighborhood, which was near the market, where they sold fruits and vegetables. When she reached the age of three, she started kindergarten, and her teacher loved her. Natasha was a child who never disturbed herself or cried. As long as you gave her something to eat on time and, after eating, you sang for her, she went to sleep.

Years went by, and Natasha continued to be maltreated at her uncle’s house. Every night around 9 p.m., she would kneel down and pray for more than two hours while crying bitterly. Oh God of Israel, God of Mercy, God of Miracle, as you remember your children Shadrack, Meshack, and Abednego, do it for me as well. Every child deserves love, comfort, and protection, but Natasha’s case was different from any other person’s. She read the same bible version every time to remind God of her situation, reading Matthew 7v8, which says: Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you: 8 For every one that asketh receiveth, and he that seeketh findeth, and to him that knocketh it shall be opened.

Destiny is the best teacher. When Natasha was 15 years old, her uncle refused to attend the ceremony when she graduated from school. That same year, a pastor from a foreign country visited Natasha’s church and was looking for 20 girls to sponsor with scholarships to study in Canada.

This was the greatest miracle that had ever happened in her life. She agreed to the offer, but first the international pastor needed to see this girl, Natasha, in person to have a word with her. This conversation happened in the pastor’s office. The stranger and Natasha stood in the office, where there was more space than in the other rooms, with a few chairs. Pastor and Natasha thought it would be good to stand while talking because it was a way of showing empathy, for them to be at the same level. When she told him a story about her abuse at her uncle’s house, they both sat down. The room was very quiet. To herself, she thanked God for the things that he was doing for her. She said to the pastor, “I believe God can change the impossible and bring light into a person’s life.” These words touched the pastor’s heart in a way that caused him to reflect on when he started the ministry and the types of challenges he faced before becoming a pastor. He admired her belief that it was only God who has the power over a human’s life and that things will change for the better and nothing could stop the blessings that God has for her, no matter the circumstances

After some days, the announcement was made in church about the departure of those 20 selected girls from church, and their families were invited to witness the miracle that God had done in the lives of these children. Everyone was happy except Natasha’s uncle, who was drinking a lot of beer to get over the news. He screamed and threw glasses, plates, and TV remotes at the wall because his goal was to see her suffer and never reach her dreams. He yelled and cried about the sins that he committed when raising that child. But a man’s thoughts are different from his actions, and for that reason, God decided to vindicate Natasha and save her from her wicked uncle.

Natasha received an acceptance letter from the school to study in Canada. After two days, she and the 19 other scholars were escorted to the airport. It was Natasha’s first time traveling by plane, and even though she was excited, she carried some of the hate from her uncle with her. Although the plane was about to take off, she knew she would never forget that abuse and the hardships she went through at her wicked uncle’s house.

17 October, 2023