A New Story

By Patrick Bwira Baeni

There was an opulent family that was living a beautiful life because they had everything they wanted for their lives. Sandra and Tom built a beautiful castle on a hectare of land. This area in which they were living was full of fruits, birds, animals, and a sizeable swimming pool. This was like a little paradise that they made for themselves as well as for their children in such a way that every day could be like a party in this house full of wonders.

After some years of happiness, Sandra, the wife of Tom suspected her husband of cheating. Despite all the joy they were experiencing living a royal life in their house, Sandra couldn’t be happy any longer because of her discovery about her husband affairs. So, the joy Sandra was experiencing just became a story.

One day, while Sandra was very, very angry, she met one of her friends on her way to the hospital. When she saw her, she stopped her car, got out, and started chatting with her friend. In their conversation, her friend realized that Sandra was not happy.

“Sandra, what’s wrong with you? Since we met and had started chatting, I have realized that you are so nervous and very angry. Please tell me what is wrong with you,” her friend asked.

“I’m fine, no problem,” Sandra replied.

“Sandra, I have known you for a long time; there is no way to lie to me. I can tell when you are happy and when you are not. So, it’s obvious that you are lying to me. I just want to remind you that I am your friend, and I am the only one who can help you cope with the struggles you are going through,” her friend replied.

Innocently, without discerning what her friend was carrying in her heart, Sandra decided to tell her about her issue at home—the way Tom is cheating with other women.

Full of hypocrisy, Sandra’s friend felt very sorry and asked her how she could help. Then Sandra told her that “all that I need is to make sure that Tom is mine myself. I don’t want to share him with anyone else. That is my main fight.”

Then her friend replied, saying, “Don’t worry, my beloved friend. I will not forsake you in this battle; we have to make sure that Tom belongs to you and only you. So let me go and do some research; after that, I will come back to you shortly.”

They hugged, and then Sandra got back in her car and proceeded on her way to the hospital.

The next day, her friend came back to Sandra and called her to meet at the same place they had met the previous day. When they met, she told Sandra that she had a medicine to give her that would help her to exclusively keep Tom for herself. She told her to put that medicine in the food and make sure she served the food to Tom herself.

 “When Tom eats that food, I assure you that he will never cheat anymore.”

Sandra thanked her friend and went to practice everything she was told to do. When her husband came back from work, she welcomed him with a great smile, and then she approached him at the table so that they could eat.

Then Tom asked, “My wife, why are you so kind with me today?”

“I have realized that no matter how you cheat and lie to me, you always come back being the same. So I made up my mind to never stress about that any longer; that’s why you can see me in this mood today,” Sandra replied. Then Tom ate and went to sleep.

The next morning, Tom heard a voice in his innermost telling him to go and never come back to that house. Then, after getting ready for work, he took his breakfast as usual and went to work. After work, he went to see one of the women he was cheating with and told her this way: “From today on, I don’t need to keep this a secret any longer. I have decided to come and live with you forever. I am sleeping here today, and I will not go back to my home anymore. Tomorrow we are going to buy a very nice house in town where we will be living together for the rest of our lives”.

Meanwhile, Sandra was waiting for her husband, but in vain. She thought that he would come back home the next day, but he didn’t. Three days later, when Tom wasn’t back home, she started wondering and said inside of herself that she had been lied to by her friend because it was only when her friend gave her that medicine that she could experience that in her home.

On the fourth day, Sandra decided to go and meet her husband at work to know what was wrong with him. Arriving at Tom’s office, she got in the office and started asking him why he didn’t come back home. Tom got upset, shouted at his wife, and warned her to never come back into his office. He called the security agents that came and brought Sandra out of Tom’s office.

Then, full of tears, she went back home. On her way back home, she met her pastor and decided to tell him about the problem she was passing through. The pastor was very sorry for what happened to Sandra. However, he could just warn her to never tell her household problem to anybody because a lot of people are very jealous when they see people living their marriage peacefully. He said, “Remember that the medicine you gave to your husband meant that you were chasing your own husband.”

 After that, the pastor prayed for her to ask God to help her cope with this hard situation. After a five minutes prayer, the Pastor concluded telling Sandra that God always fights for vulnerables, and therefore He will surely fight for her because she is innocent all over this painful story and victim of fake love from her husband and her friend.

As a result of her betrayal, Sandra was upset at her friend as well as her husband at first, but then realized she was happy living alone in the house, now she had the wealth to herself and was no longer spending time on an unfaithful man.

That’s how the love between Sandra and Tom, the richest couple of the area, was killed. This was a brand new story that started. Sandra could experience and enjoy a life alone.

20 November, 2023