A Stranger at Chips Chapa Chiwaya

By Ellen Kabango

I met a stranger that I liked so much when I was still in secondary school. I was in form one but I never cared that I was still young at that time. I can say that I was young and stupid but I realized that too late after liking that person with all my heart. Jabel met me at  Lumbadzi trading while I was having fun with my friends in the afternoon. One of my friends, who was also his friends so he got a chance to join us eating at Chips Chapa Chiwaya. Chips Chapa Chiwaya is a fast food that is very common in Malawi in many rural and semi urban areas. We used to go and eat Chips Chapa Chiwaya almost every day with my friends. While eating, he would look at me all the time but I would look to the other side asking myself why he would just concentrate on me and not others.


Jabel would always make sure that if we went to eat that he joined because of my friend, Chisomo who was closer to her. Slowly, we started talking to each other from out of nowhere.  But I was so nervous and confused why he would start flirting if I never liked him in the first place. I felt like it was normal since he was a friend of a friend. The fact that he was a friend to my friend had a comforting effect on me, gradually bridging the gap between us and alleviating any apprehensions I might have initially had. As I observed their friendship and saw the positive interactions they shared, a sense of familiarity and ease settled in.


I was surprised to see him coming to my class a certain Thursday during break time. He came straight to my desk and I was so shocked and almost left my chair. I regretted that I never went out for break time. He came and sat next to me right away. I was very shy and had no idea where to hide.


He said to me “Ellen, you don’t seem to like me but I do really like you, so much. I would like you to be my girlfriend even if you seem not to like me. With time, you shall like me I promise”.


In my heard I was like “oooh Yesuwe” meaning “ooh Jesus Christ”. I left the chair because I had nothing to reply to him with. I was wondering what kind of person can say such things at school. This was not the right time for me to engage in such behavior, my mind would tell me. I promised myself not to engage in liking someone before completing my studies. But the guy was so cute to the extent that I thought that I could not hold myself to that promise. I am that kind of a girl who is so determined and my mind won the battle I can say. The Jabel that I met at Chips Chapa Chiwaya was so cute and I wished that I had accepted him in my life but I prioritize my ambitions of completing my secondary school instead of him. I hope when I am ready to mingle, I will find a cute guy like Jabel.

26 August, 2023