Accepting Struggle for Love

By Milinga Rajabu

My husband is the best thing that has ever happened in my life even if things became a bit tough during our courtship. I was very young when my husband started proposing to me and he proposed to me more than once. I was sixteen years old. Though I was young, I was able to figure out if this is a person who really cares about me or not. When my husband started proposing to me, it took him three months for me to accept his proposal. He proposed to me twice. I hesitated to give any kind of impression to see if he was really serious about it. This was trying to avoid having any opinions about the future husband until knowing how he feels/what he is like. It took three months for me to accept him as my boyfriend during that time when he was asking me to be his partner.


The struggle was real during our relationship before marriage. However, we were deep in love and that is why we stood strong no matter the difficulties we faced. We dated for two years and half before I got married to my husband. We had time to build a deep connection and we saw that love is more than just excitement of someone new in one’s life. There are a lot of sacrifices that happen when someone is in love. My family did not welcome my boyfriend the first time I introduced him to them. Especially my mother, she was not happy with him because she was not sure if my boyfriend came to play with me or he was serious. From that time, my mother started telling me to stop hanging out with my boyfriend.


The love I had for my boyfriend was worth suffering for. The next day after my mother told me to stop dating my boyfriend, I went to his place and told him about how my mother was not happy with our relationship. Due to our emotions, it reached the extent where we kissed each other for ten good minutes and that is what prompted me to lose my virginity. I did not regret what I did because he loved me and I loved him so much. I was ready to give him my everything since he meant everything in my life. I was not shocked the time I started feeling some symptoms of pregnancy because we did not use protection at the time our bodies got into contact. It was also my first time but nevertheless, the idea of using protection did not cross our minds.


I became very afraid after getting the results from the doctor that I was really pregnant. This is because my mother never supported our relationship. I went straight to my boyfriend to share the news. Fortunately, he was very excited with the news. Indeed, I was not wrong that my boyfriend loved me so much and that is why I love him too. My boyfriend and I decided to elope since my parents would not like the news that I was pregnant. Getting married to the right person is better than marrying the wrong one in a civil wedding.

13 May, 2023