By Mozhgan Mahjoob


Behind a damaged building
An old woman was saying alas.
“Today this fire destroyed my house
Tomorrow it will destroy yours
If my dreams are burnt today
Tomorrow yours will change to dust
This is karma: whatever you do
Tomorrow it will come back to you



On the red coals
Outside the restaurant
A juicy steak is roasting
A thick smoke scatters into the air
And the hunger smell merges everywhere
But people have been keeping fast
For more than a year
They can neither break their fast,
Nor eat a tender steak here.



I knew him since childhood
He was all alone
Standing in the middle of the farm
His arms were open
But no one hugged him.
He always kept smiling,
And I only thought
How happy was he?
Today I crossed the farm again
It reminded me of him.
Then I found him
Yes! It was really him,
But his eyes were so sad
His body full of dust
Still he had a hug
Still a lonely hug
and a sorrow in his smile.
He seemed to be tired.
Perhaps he missed something while
For several years
He stood alone.
Now he wanted to go
But had no feet to walk on.
There were only birds
Pushing him to fly
But he didn’t have the wings
To reach the sky.
For so many years he kept
The farmer’s wheat
But how insensible,
The farmer left him in need.
He was an old scarecrow
Whose friends were only birds
Most of all the crow.

6 August, 2023