As Long as the Water Was Calm

By Nelly Happiness

Once upon a time, in a big town called Cape Town, there lived a young woman named Nelly. She was bright, adventurous, and had a heart full of dreams. Nelly liked exploring new things, such as reading the Bible, hiking in beautiful mountains, walking into swamps, and reading romantic novels. She also kept busy creating relationship articles for lovers to read and feel more safe in their relationships. She helped build broken relationships and provided free therapy for new couples. Nelly was into tourism and didn’t mind spending her money to learn new things for a new venture, such as people’s cultures and the types of food they eat. She liked singing while recording her voice and dancing with a group of people. She used every opportunity to learn from other people’s cultures. Nelly liked swimming in a pool or river, as long as the water was calm. Nelly was a woman who knew herself well in terms of her ability to bring unimaginable things to life.

One day, during a trip to a neighboring city, fate brought her together with a charming man named Justin. Nelly was doing an online business selling African attire materials. It was 9 o’clock at Bikini Beach, a place for tourism where people meet from different places around the world to enjoy themselves. While swimming and indulging in the weather and fresh air at the beach, a tall man wearing white shorts came closer and started a conversation with Nelly. He introduced himself and told her where he was from and everything about the beach. Nelly felt a bit confused, seeing the courage that a strange man had to speak with her at first sight. Justin was handsome and very smart. He had dimples and a smile that made Nelly wonder silently. Nelly realized immediately that Justin was from another culture when he began to approach her because in her culture, you have to send someone to a girl if you have an interest in her.

Soon after they knew each other’s names, Justin explained his previous relationship and what a man who is truly in love does. For example, a man in love speaks the language of love, giving the gift of caring, and calling his lover sweet names. Nelly replied to him, “ Love is reciprocal.”

They shared their hopes, fears, and laughter throughout the day. Justin asked, “Is it too hard for a girl to love a strange man without knowing his background? ”

Nelly said, “Love is beautiful when two hearts get along and understand one another. It’s not easy to fall in love with a stranger because you never know the secret they could be hiding from you.”

Nelly’s fear was all about trusting a stranger without knowing if he was really who he said he was. But she hoped that the love he had for her would be different from the love she’d experienced from other men. She hoped it would give her the chance to make a better choice that would change her doubts and build a more positive mindset. In the past, she had trusted a stranger who became a friend, and in the end, her heart was broken into pieces.

Sparks flew. Nelly and Justin sat very close to each other in the sand while sharing their interests in food and culture. Nelly felt comfortable and happy. She started imagining a future with Justin and spoke from her heart. I know we can make a good couple and create a very beautiful family.

They held each other’s hands. Nelly wanted to take Justin’s hand away, because she doesn’t feel comfortable holding hands with men, but he refused. Since the water was calm, Nelly did not have any choice but to let Justin continue holding her hands while she relaxed and enjoyed the beach.

7 August, 2023