The Athens Zine Bibliotheque

By Niels Bekkema
Niels Bekkema's stories

The Athens Zine Bibliotheque is a library of zines and small editions based in Athens, founded in November 2014 and curated by the team These Are A Few Of Our Favorite Things.
The library contains about 750 titles of zines, self-publishing titles and editions by small independent publishers (illustration, art, design, music etc) from around the world and about 150 relative magazines and books.
Everyone interested in zines is welcome to come and read the collection (the zines are not for borrowing) at the visiting hours for the public, participate in the Athens Zine Bibliotheque‘s activities (lectures, presentations, workshops and more) or/and send/bring us her/his zine to the collection.

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1 March, 2022