Ayaa and Brenda

By Ouma Angel

Years ago, war broke out in northern Uganda. Many people lost their lives and families . During that time there was a lady called Ayaa, an orphan who had lost both her parents and family in the war. For the sake of her sanity, Ayaa left northern Uganda and started a new life in central Uganda, a district known as Luweero.

As if life had not thrown a lot on her when her entire family perished in the war, Ayaa found out she was barren. Her dream of becoming a mother and maybe regaining the sense of having a family had been lost again. Despite the emptiness that surrounded her life, Ayaa had gained a significant amount of wealth through inheriting the businesses that her father left behind. Her father was a wealthy businessman who dealt in wholesale groceries and transportation business. Ayaa had never married, or had children, but she cohabited for about a year and was unable to conceive and that prompted her to seek medical investigation where she found out she was unable to bear a child due to some health complication.She had no real friends, only acquaintances who were more interested in her money than in who she was as a person, instead of building shared values, trust, embracing the importance of authenticity and cultivating genuine relationship with her.

Ayaa tried to fill the void in her life with material possessions, but it only made her feel more isolated. She longed for a deeper connection with others, but didn’t know how to make it happen. Trusting people was one of her biggest battles. She wasn’t to blame for someone who had been let down by so called friends too many times than she could recall.Ayaa spent much of her life lonely while enjoying her wealth and helping underprivileged people in her community in any way she could.One day she decided to get a companion and she contacted one of the radio presenter who hosts a show known as the “the late date” for people searching for partners and also handles relationship issues likr advice, counseling among others and through that Ayaa was able to meet a man who also had a family but didn’t tell her about it because it seemed like he was only interested in her wealth.They got married and he concentrated more on the business than his marriage with Ayaa who had no idea that her husband married her for wealth. He chose to spend his life with Ayaa inorder to get more money and take care of his other family.

As Ayaa was growing older, she needed more care and attention from someone. She was already 65 years old while her husband named Ssentongo was still 48 years old. Ssentongo knowing he was her legal husband didnt care much about Ayaa’s wellbeing.Whether their marriage worked or not, he was well taken care of.Since she was weak and spent most of her time at home even her house help became stubborn. She knew that Ayaa was of age and kindness was an attribute of hers not even old age could take away.

So due to that condition she heard of a lady in her neighborhood called Brenda one evening when she was seated in her backyard which was closer to a small route that crosses near her house. Some passers- by were talking about her, praising her for her hard working nature. So Ayaa contacted the passers-by to help her get to Brenda. Brenda was a young lady with two children. Her husband left her and married another woman. Brenda worked as a helper in that community, she could move from household to household doing domestic work like washing, cleaning and cooking for money to take care of her children. She was a peaceful lady who everyone in the community and everyone loved her too.

Brenda was very poor and had no one to support her. She worked hard everyday for mere survival.
When Ayaa heard of her she called her and employed her to work at her home, Brenda treated Ayaa very well and treated her as her own mother, took good care of her. For the forst time in her 65 years of living, Ayaa understood howbit felt to be genuinely loved and cared for by someone.

Ayaa never fully got over the trauma of losing her whole family in the war even after leaving her home town in northern Uganda.The result was an overthinking Aya, who could lose herself anywhere and anytime.Stress and frustration was a norm to Ayaa but with Brenda being around ,her house felt like a safe place.

Due to old age, she fell sick and died within a week and after her funeral, Brenda was surprised that before Ayaa’s death, she left out her husband and willed all her properties and money that she had in her different bank accounts to Brenda. Brenda was shocked and thought she was dreaming but it was real. Ayaa’s husband was also forced back to his family when his true wife reported him to the human right committee for family neglect.
Because of her good and loving nature, Brenda became rich and famous in a very easy way. After all this happened, Brenda remained a kind person, and used her wealth and resources to help others in her community. She donated money to local charities just like Ayaa used to do,and also sponsored the education of several young children.
Word of her kindness and generosity spread and she became even more well respected figure in the area. Her reputation attracted the attention of other wealthy business owners who admired her values and principles, and she was offered even more lucrative business partnership opportunities.

Brenda’s wealth and success continued to grow, but she never forgot her roots and remained committed to helping others the same way Ayaa helped her. She continued to use her resources to make a positive impact on the world and inspire others to do the same and in the end, Brenda’s kindness had not only brought her wealth and success, but it also enabled her to make a meaningful difference in the lives of others.

10 July, 2023