Baby Doll

By Alix

Woke up in the land of the dead


Trees floating over my head


I felt guilty I didn’t make my bed


And like a dog in spring I started to shed



On my armpits I am braiding my hair


And vomiting you a nice blanket


It is past your bedtime again


Let me take your human skin jacket



Blood makes such nice burgundy paint


I could draw raspberries that way


Or the tears of a saint


I regret not punching you that day



My baby doll keeps company to the demons at night


They cannot be seen by the human eye


Who is to say they aren’t mine?


They are the ones speaking for me most of the time



Frozen organs in those plastic blue eyes


The soul gathering in one part of my body


The darkness whispered to me pretty lies


”Stop shooting people in the lobby”



The nuns are crying, rushing to get inside


They got scared of the shotgun in my hand


My friend watching my brother sleep by his bedside


My face locked on his feet covered with sand



My baby doll gets on my nerves lately


I ripped her clothes and made them confetti


She was the talk with no brain kind of gal


I would know, as I opened her skull

17 March, 2023