Baby Lamar and her father

By Achiro Jackline

Haron and Rebecca woke up in the middle of the night from Lamar crying in a way she never did before.

“Lamar is crying today, what could be the problem? She usually doesn’t cry like this,” Haron asked.

“I think she’s just hungry. Let me feed her and see if she will keep quiet,” Rebecca replied as she got out of the bed to breastfeed Lamar. An hour passed, but Lamar still couldn’t stop crying, and she didn’t want the milk. Rebecca touched her forehead and it was so hot. “I think she has a fever,” she said, with tears in her eyes. Haron started running up and down, looking for the car keys to take her to the hospital.

“Please get her ready, I’ll get the car!” Haron said as he rushed out of their bedroom.

At the hospital, they took Lamar to one of the rooms. The room had a tray, a trash and sharp bin, visitor chair, a rolling doctors chair, a bed and connections to oxygen and electricity at the head of the bed. The pungent smell of hospital disinfectant invaded their nostrils. Lamar’s room was silent, apart from the heavy breathing coming from Haron and Rebbeca, who moved nervously moved out of the hospital room to give the doctor some space to test Lamar.

The hospital was full of nurses and doctors running up and down, receiving patients with different diseases and problems. The doctors soon found out Lamar was suffering from Malaria. Haron and Rebecca got incredibly scared, it’s a very serious disease that can easily kill young babies. They had no words that could describe the panic and terror that fled their body. They were too emotional to be tired. Just the thought of Lamar being in the hospital scared since he’s always been so scared of hospital. He felt death all around him.

Lamar was given an injection, and everybody had to wait for the results the next day.

Haron couldn’t leave Lamar’s side, not even for a second. Even when Rebecca asked if he wanted to freshen up somewhat, it would never take more than twenty minutes before he’d show up beside them.

The night was so long for the family, nobody could sleep, especially Haron. He sat there, praying and shedding tears, hoping for the medicine to work and for Lamar to get better.

At last, it was morning. Haron was walking side to side in Lamar’s hospital room, impatiently waiting for the doctors to come. Rebecca sat in a chair next to Lamar, who was still asleep. The doctor came and after checking her said that Lamar was showing some improvement. The medicine was working. Rebecca and Haron were so relieved. The doctors gave her the treatment for that day and told the family that she could be taken home the next day, depending on her condition the next morning.

“I knew you would make it my little princess,” Haron said, and kissed her forehead. “You’re a brave girl, just like daddy. Daddy loves you so much.” Lamar smiled on hearing her dad’s voice.

Lamar’s sickness didn’t last for three days. The doctors were so shocked how she got healed so quickly. The love of Haron for his daughter must speed up her recovery, they said to them as they prepared to go home.

30 May, 2023