By Niels Bekkema
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Bahar’s mission is to support those affected by displacement through the facilitation of community-led projects. These projects encompass learning, arts and physical activities. Our aim is to encourage skill sharing and provide emergency-pedagogy teacher training and resources to support these activities. Projects are developed and carried out by the community, for the community.

Bahar was founded on community needs and ideas. We saw that projects are constantly taking place within local communities, whether that be sports, social groups or creative activities. We understood the importance of these collectives and offered support in facilitating both existing and future projects.

Bahar is a collective – by the community, for the community. At every stage of planning and delivery it is our aim for this centre and the activities run within it to be trauma-informed and encompass the aims and values of emergency pedagogy.

The model of Bahar is very simple – members in the community are leaders of projects that they have designed and planned, while we provide resources and connections to help these projects. Bahar’s input ranges from simply funding proposed projects to providing support in developing project structure or even offering teacher training. It is our aim to ‘train’ every teacher, coach and contributor within Bahar to bring the emergency pedagogy principles into their spaces and activities.

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1 March, 2022