Beautiful but Unlucky

By Ajok Nancy Scovia
Ajok Nancy Scovia's stories

Mercy has always been a beautiful disciplined girl from a humble family of two brothers and one sister, and Mercy was the eldest amongst her siblings. All was well until when her parents faced separation because her father chose to move on with another woman leaving Mercy’s mother to struggle raising Mercy and her siblings alone. Life was not so easy for them and Mercy’s mother moved to her maternal family and with their support she managed to raise her and her siblings  and took them through education.

As a young beautiful girl, Mercy had to experience some love and romance, but when it came to relationships, things were not working out as she thought they would. Her love story always ended in tears leaving her so broken and depressed. So many times very many young men who seem very promising approach her for a relationship, but whenever Mercy agrees to be in a relationship with them, the relationship barely takes a month and  a particular man she is involved with walks away  from the relationship leaving her always deeply hurt, broken, frustrated and depressed. This has been going on not once, not twice or only thrice but so many times and this left her asking herself a lot of questions: “Why do men always walk away from my life without any reason, not even argument?” She always did self reflection and evaluation and there is absolutely nothing wrong with her. She is a beautiful young girl, hardworking, respectful, and always loyal and faithful to any man she dated, but still her love affair kept ending in tears. But why? And that’s the question Mercy is still looking for the answer up to today.

The subsequent abandonment of Mercy by men including her father left her feeling rejected, unloved and painfully lonely, because her emotional needs were not met by all the men who came in her life.

And now Mercy looks at herself as a beautiful but unlucky girl especially when it comes to relationships because of the number of disappointments she has encountered.

The last intimate affair Mercy had was a year ago when she gave herself a chance to love and trust again. To her, focusing on the present, being kind to herself and taking time to heal was all she needed. She believes there was no rush and no defined timeline for healing.

And there came a man in her life again. He was a very handsome young man and she decided to give herself a chance to love again. The two of them fell in love and started seeing each other and everything was going on well. They made plans to introduce themselves to each of their families. They even fixed dates for the introduction and went ahead to inform their family about their need to make the relationship official. Mercy was so excited about everything and she told God, “thank you,” because this time everything really seemed ok. Little did she know that it was yet another heartbreak she was getting into. From nowhere again her boyfriend called off the introduction and broke up with Mercy without any reason at all. And again Mercy was left so deeply hurt, broken, frustrated and depressed. But despite the disappointment, Mercy chose to move on, focus on the present and let go of the past because she believes the past won’t make any positive difference to her life.

And now, Mercy chose to allow herself grief because she has realized how important it is to acknowledge and process her emotions, giving herself permission to grieve her loss and experience the pain as it is a natural part of the healing process. She has decided to look at the brighter/positive side of whatever happens. Not forgetting that heartbreak takes time, and everyone’s journey is unique but there is need for one to be patient with themselves and trust that brighter days lie ahead, And with that, focusing on self improvement and value addition through mingling with friends, she is happily carrying on with her life.


2 June, 2023