Because of her negligence

By Louisa Aceng

In Gulu city, a woman named Nancy married a very rich man, and they had a son named Ben. When Nancy’s husband died, he signed all his wealth on his wife and Ben. Ben was already 21 years old by that time. They were intertwined by a deep bond of love and support since they only had each other now, but as time went by, Nancy and Ben realized that their dreams were leading them different paths.

Nancy had continuously and successfully managed the wealth that her husband left and wanted to pass down all her possessions to Ben. Nancy and her late husband always wanted the best for their son and she had a plan of giving all her wealth to Ben. However, he wasn’t interested in his mother’s wealth, but was passionate about social work. He wanted to dedicate his life to helping those in need and he believed that inheriting his mother’s wealth would go against his values and principles.

Nancy was taken aback by her son’s decision. She couldn’t understand why he didn’t want to inherit her wealth. She considered it a symbol of success, and thought her son would be proud to inherit it. Ben on the other hand felt that she didn’t understand him and the values he stood for. As time went on, the misunderstanding between Nancy and her son Ben grew, and they found it difficult to communicate openly with each other. Nancy felt hurt and betrayed by Ben’s decision, while Ben felt that his mother did not respect his choices.

Eventually, Nancy realized that she had been more focused on her own desires and not taken time to understand her son’s values. She had assumed that Ben would want to inherit her wealth, but she never asked what he truly wanted. She now realized her wealth was not as important as her relationship with Ben.

Ben on the other hand realized that he had not communicated his values clearly to his mother and had assumed that she would understand his desires without ever telling her. He also realized that his relationship with his mother was more important than his passion for social work. In the end, mother and son were able to overcome their misunderstanding and come to a compromise. They both realized that their relationship was more important than their individual desires, so the wealth was divided between Ben and her favorite charities.

19 May, 2023