Blood Sisters

By Hadasha Williams

Part I

Stacy and Marlene were two sisters from the same parents, Stacy was taken by her father and Marlene was taken by her mother. Stacy had the best lavish life anyone could think of. She had everything she needed, she went to the best schools in the city and was taken by her peers as a star since they were very rich. The students at school literally worshiped her, though she never had respect for anyone. Her father was ever busy with work and he didn’t have time to discipline her so he left all that responsibility to his sister, who was evil and bad mannered. On the other side, the poor mother of these twins raised Marlene with respect and love though they were poor. Marlene was humble and kind to everyone. She lived a simple life and loved everyone equally, be it the poor or the rich. Marlene didn’t go to nice schools but she was so bright in her middle class college that she got a scholarship to study in the best school in the city. Unknowingly, she received a scholarship to the college where her sister was studying.

When Marlene attended the college, she won the hearts of the teachers and students because of her kindness and respect for other people. One day, the school organized a quiz at school, and both Stacy and Marlene participated. This was the first time the girls had been in the same room together, and they both had no idea that they were born of the same parents. Marlene won the quiz. This made Stacy so furious for she never wanted to be defeated in anything. Because of this, Marlene became Stacy’s worst enemy. Stacy was also possessive when it came to matters of the heart and she was deeply in love with Bruno, the most handsome boy in the college though Bruno simply liked her because they were family friends. Ever since Marlene joined the college, Stacy’s life was turned upside down, people started hating her and loving Marlene instead, including Bruno. Bruno would make any excuse just to be near Marlene. He would pretend that he didn’t understand a topic and ask Marlene to help him out. When Marlene explained a topic to him, he gazed at her while smiling. Stacy caught him doing this so many times. She became furious since she was used to getting anything she wanted, including Bruno. She started plotting against Marlene to make her look bad in front of Bruno and the whole college.

One day, she took her plotting too far. She defamed Marlene by making a fake video showing that she was sleeping with another man. Marlene was at home in her room reading her books when she received a message from one of her college friends. It was a video of her with another man. She was so shocked and broken, she couldn’t believe that someone would play such a silly trick on her. She couldn’t stop crying. This brought a lot of shame to Marlene and she was the talk of the college for several days. Stacy was so happy about this, she thought she had succeeded in her plans. That day she even went out to celebrate with her friends. Poor Marlene stayed at home crying and she couldn’t go out of the house because she couldn’t face people’s criticism. Her character was being questioned. She kept on wondering who could have done such a horrible thing to her.

Bruno was also hurt by this for he had fallen in love with Marlene. He had so much trust in Marlene that he took it upon himself to get to the bottom of the fake news spreading around the college. He knew that Marlene wasn’t like that and that she could never do what the video suggested. He informed the police about the matter. He wanted to find out the person who was in charge of recording the video, for he was sure that that person knew the real culprit. The police tried their level best but eventually didn’t succeed in finding the person. As the saying goes ”DO GOOD AND IT SHALL BE DONE TO YOU.” Marlene being a kind hearted soul was helped by the very same girl who was paid to defame her. The girl narrated that Stacy had paid her to dress up like Marlene since she resembles her. She explained that her face was replaced with that of Marlene with advanced technology. The girl couldn’t bear the guilt of doing that to a poor innocent person. Marlene being a kind person decided to forgive Stacy and left the issue. This brought more respect unto her by the people of the college and at last her name was cleared.

The next morning as Marlene was entering the college gate, she saw Stacy coming in with a lady who looked exactly like a lady in a photo her mother used to show her. Who was it, though, in the picture her mother had? Marlene couldn’t remember. She thought to herself, I need to find out.

To be continued….

3 February, 2023