Book Shop Rosa

By Matthew Stadler

ROSA IS A LEFT-LEFT POLITICAL BOOKSHOP, specializing in anarchism, feminism, socialism and various forms of activism. The range consists of second-hand, new and antiquarian books, magazines, t-shirts, pins, buttons, patches, cards, posters, DVDs and music.

If you are looking for information about, for example, globalization, factory farming or the backgrounds of conflicts in the world, Rosa is the right place for you. Both introductory works and in-depth follow-up research are available. Together with Fort van Sjakoo from Amsterdam, Rosa publishes the Book Messages, in which newly published books are briefly discussed.

Rosa is a non-commercial foundation with the aim of promoting political awareness and social involvement in the Northern Netherlands. In addition, she wants to contribute to the development of an equal society with a self-determined life. An egalitarian society does not happen by itself, and the fight for it starts with awareness. The employees jointly determine the course and divide the tasks among themselves: ni dieu, ni maître!

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11 August, 2022