By Mozhgan Mahjoob

I Love Only You

As far as I breathe I will love only you
In my eyes you can read that I love only you
Distance cannot take your love from me
Till the last heartbeat I will love only you
Your love does not end since the journey has begun
Let’s forever be friends as I love only you
Come and sit next to me when I feel so lonely!
Just once read my trends that I love only you
In this world and the next, you are the one and only
I swear once again that I love only you.



Like tulips
That are waiting for the spring
I have been waiting for you
For years…
Behind the window.



Your love is beautiful as a painted lily,
As a moon in darkness, as honesty.
Your love is sunset,
It’s neither golden, nor red
Like a rose… no, a star!
It shines on me, it can’t be far
It is shining in my eyes
And runs as dew when my heart cries.
I can’t catch it, it will fly,
What should I say? It hides too high
Your love is with me forever I see
Even if you weren’t part of my destiny.



You are the one who can’t be described
Neither forgotten nor left aside
You are endless as blue sky
Or the secret of autumn seaside
You are my world, my peace and silence
I wish no more than to be your bride!


In the Land of Dream

In the land of dream
I just want to scream,
You are the king of my heart
I am that lucky queen,
Who is so cheerful
Who sings down the stream.
In this land of dream,
No one else has ever been
Just me and you and a love
That the world has not seen.
In the land of dream,
Our love never ends
No one is going out
No one is coming in.

10 September, 2023