Coldblooded Mankind

By Gerrard Hakizimana

I thought I had awakened from my dream the day I met a guy who promised to take me to Australia. I had a friend who stayed in the United States of America since 2017. We could chat but not that much. However, my friend would call me through WhatsApp and check on how I was doing. One day during our chat, I told her that I have a dream of migrating to Australia. Nevertheless, I had no idea how that would happen. We went for a couple of years without talking about that but I did not know that my friend took that in mind and decided to remember me once she found an opportunity.


In 2019, I received a call from my long-time friend asking me if I was still serious about the idea of migrating to Australia. I told her that I was very interested but I doubt if it is that simple. I am a refugee and it is hard for refugees to travel since they do not hold passports. She assured me that it was possible if I was still interested. I told her that I am willing to do whatever it may cost for just me to leave the refugee camp. She then sent me a contact of a person who came from Finland and claimed to help refugees migrate to different countries like Australia, Finland, Sweden, and the United States.


After getting in contact with that person who promised to get me to the country of my dream, I was super happy. I called the person at night and we agreed to meet the next day. But he told me that I should come with a copy of my refugee status, UNHCR identification card, and 750000 Malawian Kwacha to pay as an advance. The person told me that I would pay the 1000000 Malawian Kwacha after the whole process was completed and it was my time to leave the refugee camp. I was convinced that the guy was not a scammer after telling me that I will pay the other bigger amount after the whole process was completed.


It felt like the world had fallen on my head when I lost the money I saved for over three years and lost it in a single day. I thought that the suffering had finished yet it was the beginning of the real suffering after losing my money. It was around 7 pm when I reached the venue where we agreed to meet. He grabbed the documents that I carried with me and assured me that I would be traveling within two weeks’ time. I could not listen to my instincts that the guy was scamming me. I was so excited about leaving and that is why I could not listen to my instincts. The minute I left the venue was the last time I saw and heard from the guy. His phone was not reachable every time I wanted to call him. I was so confused and ran out of ideas. I can say that I became a crazy person. I could not take it and understand that I have lost my money in the way of trying to chase my dream.


I wish I had met the guy again and told him how I suffered to get the money that I gave him. I understood that people are heartless after a guy who looked successful scammed a poor guy like me. When I tried to contact my friend from the United States of America to ask her about the guy’s whereabouts, she told me that when she texts the guy, he does not respond. I was so confused and still confused about how people in this world can be so cruel to people who are trying to search for a living. I will never forget that I was scammed for trying to chase my Australian dream. I have not given up, I will have peace after stepping into Australia.

27 March, 2023