By Joy

When we talk of contentment, what comes into your mind? Contentment is the state of being satisfied or ok with what you have. Being content with what you have is not always easy because when you see your friends get new clothes or bags, you might also want to fit in to be on the same level as them. We’re told “we have to have” because if you don’t have the same style or fashion as others you feel left out and jealousy will come in because you want to get it by all means. You see your friends wearing expensive dresses, you like them but can’t afford them, you feel kind of jealous, you want to get that exact dress but don’t have much. Instead of wearing the dress you have, you borrow some money from someone just to impress your friends.

You don’t have to live your life to impress others, just be yourself.

Contentment can lead you to an amazing place, you can benefit a lot from it. It can make you appreciative and satisfied with anything you have and you can also have peace of mind. I know this because this has worked for me. I don’t have to think about the latest, I’m ok with what I have. It also helps to know your needs from wants like I know what I really need right now. My needs are food, shelter, clothing, water, medical care. Needs are necessary things for survival, they are essentials that remain constant over time. On the other hand, my wants are a car, designer clothes, designer bags, and makeup. Wants are desires, inessentials that change over time. They are not permanent. My needs are important for me as a human being to survive. Wants are not as important to me because I can live without them.

Living without contentment can lead to greed, cheating, robbery, and low moral standards. The pressure from being unsatisfied can lead to all of this. Financial embarrassment can have its way as a result of spending more than you earn.

Note that learning to be grateful and thanking god for his blessings for what you have can go a long way in helping you become more content and satisfied.

Bible verses to help: Proverbs 15:16; Timothy 6:6-8; Matthew 6:33
























22 January, 2023