Dear Lord

By Doreen Nzeyimana

Dear Lord.
I wish you could have told me how this world is
Then I wouldn’t have chosen to come here
I would have refused like Joshua in Nineveh
But you would have seen me from heaven
After all I didn’t have a choice.
Imagine what I have seen in this age
In this jungle we call a society

Are we cursed or packed?
Arriving carrying evil and inhuman mindsets
Transporting barbarism and cultural lags
How can you watch as a man rapes a child of 2 years?
How can you watch when a man tortures a child?
Don’t they see FGM is not a good practice?
If being pierced by a needle is painful
Then imagine the pain girls go through
Let’s not forget the negative impacts that succumb the victims after that
It is inhuman not to consider their feelings

I have witnessed an innocent person
Paying for the sins committed against her.
Beyonce said girls run the world
But in my world
Corruption runs us
Being successful depends on
Who you are and who you know
Influential people don’t care about your papers
But the moolah I mean the papers

For how long are girls in Kakuma going to fold our arms
Stay silent and erase our names
Just because I am a girl I can’t talk about it
That era has flown away
This is the beginning of a new era
These people have to listen to me
They have to feel my pain
I have to choose and lead
My decisions matter
Black Girls’ lives matter



16 January, 2023