Destiny, the gravity of life

By Ashley Simango

I’m talking about human history,
and how we’re being unable to stop it’s course.
Whether it be collective or individual,
whether it runs through decades and millenniums of ancestral blood,
it always comes to reveal
the gravity of life, destiny.

Delay the inevitable,
or set up roadblocks and detours if you will,
or ignore that which is known to you,
but the inevitable remains inevitable.
Destiny, the gravity of life.

Every moment of personal bliss is foreset,
you can’t run from it.
It’s just a minute part of a greater puzzle,
the pieces of which are meant to fall into place one day,
and create a place made possible by the gravity of life, destiny.

So maybe, just maybe,
to watch the pieces of the puzzle come together,
and to watch all that unfolds,
and still understand the process,
is a gift possessed by few.

To live deliberately,
is to understand that
running from destiny
is like trying to ward off a flood
with a teacup.
Trying to resist the pull of the gravity of life, destiny.

17 December, 2022