Dieudonné Reads Congo

By Bondo Dieudonne

A visitor (Zaïre)

Greed reigned my home
He did what he wanted
Laughed and sold my properties like an infant
Exchanging diamonds for an old-fashioned car, he granted

I decided to invite my neighbor,
Asked for a favor, lately coming to be a tumor
He too does not seem good
Better that the greedy belly is gone

Bitter on my throat, my own words I cannot agree upon
My visitor is an intruder, they conclude

A silent cry

Intruders introduce themselves
Vendors marketing skulls on shelves
A treasure with rolling mercury on cheeks and jaws
what matters is the cobalt inside it

Stomach, stop stressing street children!
When it rained, mittens would be given to them
They had fathers and mothers like you

Memories of red rains, they lost blue
Schools are closed, holidays not being the cause
Talking chalks are finished.
since 30th June

Called refugees, call upon the sky
Can somebody listen to your silent cry?
Only with hearing from the Almighty
They can hear your silence crying.

For having a soul

They call it the cold war.
I call it fast-blowing snow
That was the season: black or brown snow, breaking bricks
Dug graves when it hit
That was the season; it happened for a reason

All aware of its products we can no longer resist
That was the season; it happened for a reason
We all learnt the lesson.

You are a person
For having a soul, sons of the same Sun
Dissimilarity vanishes, amiability flourishes – my son
Humanity embraces Love. Love extinguishes arson
That was the season; let’s make the right decision

By having a soul, we are all one person.

30 August, 2023