Disappearance and Miraculous Return

By Samuel Mweze

I was said to have died after a brief illness in 2018 and then buried four days later by my family, but I showed up at my parent’s house tree years later, lost and tattered. I told the family hey I’m home, and they were like who are you? “I am Jenny your daughter”, I said.

“Jenny died three years ago and she has been buried so who are you?”
“I don’t understand who you people buried! I am Jenny and I’m not dead.”
My family took me inside the house. They still had their doubts, but they hoped this was for real. My family involved the police immediately, and they were baffled at this situation.

“She kind of looks like our daughter, but we’re not sure, because we actually buried our daughter. She died. It wasn’t as though she died of an accident or she disappeared and she was found dead, but she was sick in a hospital for a long time, and then she died and now she’s buried, but here she is, showing up at our doorstep telling us that she didn’t die and that we didn’t bury a person at all, but a banana tree?”

The police did the right thing and took DNA samples from myself and my family. At the same time, they asked if they could check the grave where I was buried to be sure. When they asked where I had been, I told them I was abducted and taken to a business working place, a compound that looked like farmland. It was almost as if I was hypnotized and brainwashed, held spellbound like the many other people who were also there. We had to work in a farmland, and I didn’t know who abducted me, nor how I got there. I did remember there were more people and we were all spiritually spellbound.

How did I escape, they asked. At some point I gained consciousness again. I still don’t know why. It was almost as if the spiritual bond that they had on me vanished for a moment, and I was able to realize where I was. There were also a few other people who got released instantly from the spell as well. I realized where I was and what I was doing within an instant. I escaped and I was able to find my way back home to the family.

My family wondered if the hospital where Jenny had died had switched her body, or maybe they had sold Jenny to a group of people who were looking for because of cheap labour, may her body was replaced with someone that looked like her.
We waited a few weeks for the results of the DNA test. Another family who had heard the news of someone who came back to life was able to identify me as their own missing daughter. They quickly approached and in front of my actual family, they said I’m their daughter. “I don’t know you people, this is my family and this is my mum, this is my dad, my uncle and my brothers” I said, and I continued to I call all my relatives by their names. At this point everyone was convinced that I was right, I knew my mother’s name and my father’s names, and the names off all relatives as well, even though they weren’t around at the time.

Afterwards, the police also took the DNA samples from the new family who then had to go to the grave where they buried me two years ago, to dig up and see if they could find human remains, or if it was a plantain tree or a banana tree like the girl had claimed. When they excavated the grave and opened the coffin, they saw bones and follicles of female hair. Someone had been buried there for real, it definitely wasn’t a plantain tree. “So who is that person?” they asked. A couple weeks later, the police received the DNA test results and it was proven that the girl who was claiming to be me is not me. The police and my family were indeed convinced by the DNA test results showing that it’s really me, Jenny, and I was returned to my family. I still do not know who this strange family was, though it might have taken me time to gain back the memory of who they were. All I know now is that I’m Jenny and this is my family.

22 May, 2023