Do tears water the Sahara desert?

By Stephen Pech Gai

Thought you were derailed of dreams and hopes as the droughts

Would dry up the seedlings, you are railings to envisage a future

You rather embrace a past that embarrasses you…

You are built of the unwavering effort and affection of benevolent beings,

So strong you are, your spirit shall ever not be shaken.

You traveled a hurried journey with hurdles towards the horizon.

You are the discarded pieces of disappeared souls of a “NO”

Know peace world but you are now part of appearing souls

Of a known peaceful world. Your frightened pride restored

So strong to the peak of the mountains—Learn so you can heal and shine!!!

You were once disposed but got exposure at last in the land

Land in which you sink your dreams in its flesh for

It sees nothing in you but humanity.

Choose to grieve or cry for years if your tears can

Water the Sahara desert and bring life to the forsaken

Inanimate being but if not, choose though to dream those

Dreams akin to fire that twinkles light—light not dissonance

But solace under which we all dwell in hope—because

You are on the mountain, learn, heal and be the light that shines down!


“This poem is about a forcefully displaced person who left home fleeing for safety but overwhelmed with despair because all the basic life necessities no longer exist but the person still hopes that a positive light will once shine for crying with tears that can’t water the sahara desert to restore biodiversity can not help.”—Stephen Pech Gai

12 October, 2022