Drops of sorrow

By Didier Samir

My eyes feel dry,
and I have no——

I’m used to this pain

Death has a particular effect on a person
Saving someone’s life connects you to them forever the same as taking it.
I feel this way about the people who butchered my parents.
I’ve got no shoulder left to lean on,
but my own.
Fragmented as everyone around me.
Drugs are my melodies, they lift me up and me high,
and allow the darkest memories of life
to pause, and make me hallucinate what I am not.

Sometimes I feel paranoid,
Or is it that I’m broken,
fractured like the world seen through a kaleidoscope?
I feel a loose darkness,
like a deflated balloon
dancing in the sky.

Stranded on the same spot for ages,
but I have been running all my life.
All I feel are drops of sorrow,
my life is like a moonless night,
floating on a yacht of revenge,
as the darkness covers the sky,
and fear caresses my heart.

Night falls like a tragedy.
I am afraid I’ll fall asleep when I close my eyes,
because when I do, all I see is death,
and all I can think of is vengeance.
Because it’s reciprocal like a choir hymn.

30 January, 2023