Earth is going, we are about to leave!

By Stephen Pech Gai

Earth is going, we are about to leave!
No, can’t you see earth is Going, we are about to leave!
Which door to pass as the past death machine rumbles, timing us to our doomsday’s extinction as the planet reached the elastic limit?

On whose head our claim lays when our inaction betrays our action in a warming that hurts but
warms the least hearts?
Who must calm when we lost grip from a kingdom we fail to coronate with tolerance but enthroned with intolerance?

What a burden of curse: the wailing and writhing of a generation whose generous future was
ransomed with brutal price — who will sway over our graves?
What fine would quantify the bail of a fugitive who has robbed the universe of its fine nature that
nurses and nurtures all that once live with mercy and mighty?

No, we must know who we are, for earth is going we are about to leave!
Are we are not the species who speak for other species but fail to safeguard the unspeakable?
Yes, we are.
Are we are not the Homo-sapiens, the wise men who in their wisdom celebrate a dire emergency with no urgency? Yes, we are.
Are we are not those who fail to reveal our fancy fallacy for a utopian universe which has bequeathed
us a dark cloudy storm towering in an almost void and null world that threatens us to pack our belongings and vanish through those doors of no return? Yes, we are.
Are we not those going to rest in less peace when our race for greed cheaply bargains our rightful co-existence with biodiversity? Yes we are.

No, we must act for earth is going, we are about to leave!
We must not mourn but mount our courage and clear a way out of this messy deed.
We must pay this and that reparation to once patience and ever innocent kingdom planet, usurped with fiery storm in our way to deathly deceptive quest before hell emerged out of once heaven, once eternal path.

We must pay discipline to the past, restore once beloved presence and merit the future
We must! We Must! We Must! We Must! For earth must not go, we are about to stay…

7 October, 2022