By Kiiza Mohamed Minani

My circle grows smaller and smaller,
and I’m an intro to a song that never starts.
Wrapped up in the wells of loneliness,
that chewed my pretty red heart in two
Am I too young to know so little?
Or too old to know more?
Because the more I know, the more i feel closeness of death
Tears stream from my eyes,
like a flash flood that breaks through the dunes.
I face the darkness with my face head up high, and with my soul roaming at the corners of an empty streets,
like a cab abandoned lonely in the middle of lane, flooded with traffic.
My spirits making errands and wandering lonely as clouds floating lightly above abandoned hills.

Nothing feels the same anymore –
Depression pays rent and dwells in my mind,
And chains my emotions.
Popping pills is the only way to break free.
I tried therapy but I feel I’m talking to a man, who is paid to explain what I already know and feel.
My heart sometimes race off track, and I want it to stop,
and around but there’s an empty world,
And and useless information fills my head.

3 May, 2023