By Molayi Selanga

My world has fallen


I feel it crumbling down from under my feet.


Everything to me feels dead and gone


I have got holes in my heart


I have lost a home and purpose


Lost freedom and the essence of belonging 


Living like I got no identity 


Am walking down the avenue of agony


My black heart is burning dim


I wanna go to the land that’s far away


But how am I supposed to get there with the way that I am living today?


My life comprises of losses, fails and falls


Turning my life into snow


Shining like a fairy beacon


Shooting it up straight to my heart


Just like a shooting star in the sky


Falling to unknown location


My life crumbling in this refugee camp


Living without a purpose


And without a dream to hold on to


Just hopeless vision that everything will be fine


But it’s still the same


Luminous visions in the middle of the night


Fallen on top of the mountains


To the blossoms of unforgettable nightmares

11 September, 2023