For The Good Days Of My Life

By Elaha Armaghan

For the good days of my life.


Days that may or may not be repeated.


Sometimes I miss every single good day of my life.


Every second I want to have freedom.



It is not much to ask for a bit of freedom and living but I am locked in the prison of my negative thoughts.



In the same prison, thousands of my dreams are locked with me.


How beautiful it would be if I could go through the path of my life again.



My good days!



I want to be free!


The same as before to choose what kind of clothes to wear. 


Yes, my favorite clothes,


 my favorite coats,


 my favorite color.



I am very fond of blue because it symbolizes loyalty and honesty. 


Blue represents nature, the sea and sky.



I want to be a little independent.



I want to sit on the ponds of the streets in my city.



I want to go to those places that I went in the past where I made the most beautiful memories for myself.



I want to sit there and watch the sunny sky


the same as before 


my only fear to be the night of the exams,


my projects and lessons at the university.


My only stress is when my exam results are announced.



And sometimes the sound of my laughter echoes around the tall and half-tall trees. 


Sometimes I think that good days are like a dream passing from my side really soon.


I feel that they are repeated.



This is just my wrong feeling!


All these dreams are like the seasons of autumn and winter.


I want to travel to an unknown land, whether it is across the border or it is beyond my thoughts.


1 July, 2023