From Grass To Grace

By Amparo

A little girl named Anna was born into a household of poor parents and at the time of her birth, a civil war was present in her country, unfortunately, it didn’t take long she lost both of her parents.

Her father was killed in the war by gun shot from the soldiers, her mother died of fever because she couldn’t pay the medical bills. At a very young age Anna had already become an orphan after her parents passed away. She moved in with her uncle, Louis. However, he saw her as a burden because he cannot provide for her feeding, clothing, education. So he decided to give her up for adoption at the orphanage. She was bullied by the children there and also gave her the nickname ”cow girl”. Because she had a rare skin condition called Vitiligo that caused discoloration on her body and face, she looked different from others. Thankfully, she found happiness in a girl called Zainab at the orphanage that didn’t bully her. The two of them became best friends and enjoyed each other’s company by playing together, eating, sharing each other’s thoughts, and going to school together despite the bullying from other kids.

One day, while she was sitting outside the orphanage something truly remarkable happened. The wind blew an old magazine right in where Anna was sitting with a picture of a female basketball player on the cover of the magazine. The picture caught her eyes and she realized that the same path would make her happy so Anna decided to become a professional basketballer when she grew up. She took the magazine cover and hid it inside her bag.

The next day, a woman named Cynthia who came from abroad to adopt two children at the orphanage saw Anna from far away. She asked the social worker about her and was told that Anna was rejected by twelve families because of her body discoloration. Cynthia was heartbroken and without wasting much time made a huge decision and told the agency she would like to adopt Anna and Zainab. The social worker couldn’t believe it, so she had Cynthia sign the necessary documents and Cynthia returned with Anna and Zainab abroad.

Cynthia gave Anna and Zainab all the love and care they ever wished for, by taking them out  shopping for new clothes, bags, and shoes. Anna and Zainab were happy. One day after going out for dinner Anna showed Cynthia the magazine cover with the female basketballer which she treasured, and told her that she wanted to have a pair of shoes for a basketball training sessions.

Cynthia enrolled Anna the next day for basketball training and she became more comfortable with her practice as time went on. At the age of 18 she became the top basketball player and was delighted that her dream of being a successful basketball player had finally come true. 

Zainab was serious with her studies and graduated from the university with a first class degree. She later worked as a HR manager in one of the big organizations in the city and was successful and happy. 

Anna worked hard by going for constant training to develop her skill. The results were definitely worth the pain at that point. Anna was wanted by many top teams across the world as a professional basketball player, she was very happy and successful. After all this, Anna sat one day and remembered that magazine cover she saw at a young age and was very grateful and happy that her dream was fulfilled.


14 March, 2023