Hopes in ropes

By Ashraf Mbonimpa

My life is uncertain as the tides in the sea


Just like the birds flying in the sky, I can’t get hold of my dreams


Lost a place I called home


To a “home” where I thought  that all will be well. 


But it all turned out that nothing feels well anymore


Just like the clouds floating high


I feel so cold, like the dews on top of the mountains


I thought I was safe


But people around me die everyday because of insecurities


It feels like the eclipse of the moon  


It’s dark everywhere 


I keep asking myself– when will the stars twinkle in my moonless night?


It’s like being a refugee is a curse 


Because it’s not logical to grow up in a refugee camp until you get old


To a point where you smell death at your doorstep 


My life is like a whistling wind in the desert


Swept away from its roots


I have nothing to hold on to


Because all I have left are hopes in ropes


Tied to the loose ends of my miserable life


Towards the broken pieces of my broken spheres


A refugee with no progress


Just like a kite flying in the sky with no strings 

30 July, 2023