How would you feel?

By Doreen Nzeyimana
How would you feel?

How would you feel?
How would you feel, when all is taken from you?
When home is no home no more?
When the history of violence, keeps hunting your fate,
A moment when you can’t even feel your face

How would you feel losing before starting an unfair struggle?
How would you feel when, no one is by your side,
Standing behind you, seeking for a wall to lean,
When you feel lonely and can not afford a shoulder to cry,
Losing your hope, your only survival is a tiny spot,
When you can not move, a bike without wheels

How would you feel when you see no light in your life?
When all your dreams are crashing,
Into sparkles of unending misery,
when you are stuck in a world full of demons?
That would turn you into a monster

When Life is about leaving something behind,
Something that all the life is inside it,
Like a traveler leaving the time,
Or the driver leaving the way just in a dime,
My life is getting empty over nights,
Always afraid of all those heights

But all I would live in, is peril of depression,
Embarking on an stoppable journey for freedom,
Living life is not in leaving odd,
It is in to replacing odds to strength,
Which has been taken from my past generation,
Being unable to disclose your fantasies,
How would you feel, when the future you’ve been dreaming of is fading?
How would you feel?

26 November, 2022