By Mationesa

How did we get into this mess?
Maybe if I didn’t confess
I should have given it more time
Until you saw me as a dime
Maybe if I hadn’t rushed things
We’d be together eating some dunked wings
Too bad my heart was cruising
At the same pace you were doing the bruising

Do you ever think about me?
I guess some things just aren’t meant to be
That wasn’t a reason for you to be so cold though
The amount of pain that I went through
I endured everything in the name of love
But it kept getting colder, I had to fly away like a dove
Man, we really weren’t meant to be?

I admit, I let my insecurities get the best of me
How did we get ourselves into this circumstance?
You didn’t even see me as a friend but as an acquaintance
But you don’t think you did anything
For a second, I thought we’d be a thing
I wish you could see
That you hurt me
In every game we played, you won, there were never any draws

I promise there’s more to me than my flaws
But it’s okay, we’re better off being in separate ways
I’ll get over it, even though I know it’ll take a lot of days
Is there a chance we’ll ever cross paths again?
And maybe then without this much pain,
I remember when you’d ask if I wanted anything more or less
And here comes my question again…How did we get into this mess?

31 October, 2023