By Didier Samir

Hurt me with the truth
But don’t try to comfort me with lies,
and try to make me belief everything will be okay.

The sun shines brightly and I smile,
but when night falls, I weep.
I’m hurt inside,
and I hide my pain inside a safe.
In this storm of hardship,
my smile floats, but my pain sinks.
I’m hoping I don’t loose my mind,
because this cross is too heavy to bear,
and who will care if I win or lose ?
Will you?
I also want to live a life,
not a life to live
I also want to go on vacations
and visit awesome places,
but I’m, here stuck here in this camp,
for 17 years now.
Is this even real?
Am I meant to live here forever?
I came here looking for serenity,
but it seems I’m imprisoned
My prison of anxiety and depression
It’s a lot on my plate,
and it’s shown on face.
I’m tired of crying and shouting,
I just need help because I’m hurt.

11 February, 2023