I Am an African Child

By Jeanne Muhimundu
Jeanne Muhimundu's stories

I am an African child.
My path unfolded from who you were, for I’m the custodian of the stories of old
My dream was drilled into the seedbed that spawned a million beings in a million years
My aspiration was born in the conviction of belonging that bolstered our society
Do not trade my future for your thirst to bruise my innocence

I am an African child.
Do not trade my motherhood for my hopes in childhood
Bear to fortify the fragility in me, for who is fit to mother an infant in my age
Adorn me with a dove heart smile that shines beyond the horizon of my homestead
Adopt millions of me who are toddling, kinless, in twisted untidy streets

I am an African child.
Dine my African soul with love, food, water, and safety
Dress my mind with ideas and knowledge, for I must blow the trumpet of victory
Dance with me while we celebrate the texture of the land rich in our customs
I’m an African child, I’m the cradle of humankind, I’m the golden child of guiltless heart

4 December, 2022