I am culture, I am beautiful

By Ashraf Mbonimpa

I am the boundary of a so thriven family,
The pillar of a home, a protection,
The soil of a mother land,
I am culture, I am beautiful.

Though I might die, under the actions,
Of so called “human beings”
No one save or preserve me slowly
A few struggling to preserve me
I’m here, I’m there,
I am culture, I am beautiful.

Deep stories are born from my belly,
Stories of courage and sorrow,
Fights beyond the barriers,
Lightning the candles of hope.
How beautiful do I shine in your eyes?
What makes you bring joy in me,
Your passions, embrace, smiles and happiness
Say it loud! Say it clear!
I still exist in all my colors and beauty in Kakuma.
Preserve me like you do to your money
Preserve me like Elon musk spaceX research
I dwell in Kakuma’s land,
Land of great stories,
land of innovative heroes
Can you preserve me here in Kakuma for generations to come?
Without me life is incoherent,
Depth of me, you will find life in boundary,
All religions and races embrace me
Black or white practice me
When you do that every day will be a blessing
So, that is why I’m here today.
I am culture, I am beautiful.

4 February, 2023