I Faked my Pregnancy to Gain my Husband’s Attention

By Achiro Jackline

Andrew and I first met at a university library and he was immediately smitten. He couldn’t take his eyes off me. He had black silk hair and a stunningly beautiful face and his eyes were just wow. We ended up going for a lunch date at Okta restaurant which was close by to the library. We had a great time. We both exchanged contacts with the plans of meeting again for a movie night that weekend. It was just one day for the movie night. From the looks of it, Andrew was already crazy for me just as much as I was for him. I thought it was one of those normal date nights. But little did I know it was the night Andrew would propose to me.

A few months later, we got married and lived happily for two years. Andrew’s family started asking for a child from the both of us. We kept on trying and trying. I was always lifting my legs after getting intimate with my husband, but it still didn’t help. We had been married for two years, but I didn’t manage to get pregnant.

My husband distanced himself from me, he was constantly on business trips. And in the rare evenings he spent at home, he would lock himself in the bathroom, whispering to his phone. I was afraid that Andrew had a mistress.

But even then, I was so calm and caring. I would make dinner for him so that he could come back and have freshly made food. Despite all my efforts of being a good wife, he never changed from his ways. I knew the only thing that would bring us together was a child.

During a family dinner, I took some pills to make myself puke. As soon as I felt the effect, I immediately ran to the bathroom. And I didn’t stop for quite a while. Andrew followed me to the bathroom and asked

“Did you eat something bad? Mom thinks you didn’t like the food.”

I quietly pulled out a fake pregnancy report and showed it to him.

“Wow! We did it.” He screamed in happiness as he hugged me.

He stopped going on business trips and started bringing me tea and snacks to bed. I ate a lot to make my tummy bigger, so much that I was even waking up in the middle of the night to eat. It had to look real. While going somewhere with a car, I would always ask him to stop so I could go pee. Andrew was very patient and didn’t get annoyed by my fake whims.

However, his kindness nearly ruined my plan. All of a sudden he said that we should have a gender reveal party. And took over the full organization. I couldn’t let him do that, so I got a fake ultrasound and handed it to the event manager in person. On that day, I felt like a real woman. Andrew’s family and friends finally accepted me. While piercing the balloon, Andrew got a phone call. I managed to see the screen and noticed that it was from the hospital. Andrew stepped aside and spoke on the phone for a long time. I was scared that the truth would suddenly come out. After the party, Andrew changed. He became harsh and silent, and I just couldn’t figure out why.

The next morning, we were supposed to choose a stroller for the baby. But Andrew told me that he wouldn’t be able to.

“You have to go alone, I will just stay home, I got some work to do,” said Andrew.

I pretended to go to the mall to choose a stroller, but quietly snuck back into the house. From the bathroom, I could see both the porch and the living room at the same time. Soon after, a strange woman walked in. And as soon as she entered the room, Andrew started taking his clothes off. I immediately stormed into the living room to catch them red handed.

“Cheater! How could you? I am pregnant with your baby.” I pushed Andrew with so much anger. But his answer surprised me. He told me that I must have cheated on him because he was sterile. And that the stranger was a nurse who was there to conduct some tests. Andrew said that he had been undergoing treatment in recent months and that he did it in secret because he was afraid that it would turn me away from him. When I announced my pregnancy, he believed that the treatment had worked. However, during the party, the doctor who had called him told him it had not yet worked and there was no change. According to Andrew, he wouldn’t survive my betrayal.

As it turned out, we lied to each other. Even though it was hard, I decided to tell him the truth. I was prepared for the worst. But Andrew said that he wanted to be with me. He told me that nobody’s opinion mattered except for our love and that a child is a blessing from God, and that the day would one day come. And that until that day comes, we would be happy



16 August, 2023