I know who my sister is

By Esperance

I know who my sister is.
She is my neighbor,
She is there for me,
I don’t have to look for her when I’m in need
Her presence is ever felt.

My wins are her celebrations
Her aspirations are my motivation
To every woman who has been there for me,
you are my sister,
Every woman who is concerned about my wellbeing,
You are my sister.

Being there for me is your concern
Seeing me happy is your celebration
I don’t have to say it all, you understand my silent whispers.
I don’t have to explain at all, you know what I don’t say out loud.
Distance doesn’t count
Distance is nothing
She is always there for me,
That is my sister

We share a lot from our past,
We share our future aspirations,
We have been to the mountains together,
We have been to the valleys together
That is sisterhood

It is through losing opportunities that we found comfort in each other’s presence
It is through celebrating small wins of life that we found joy
It is through sharing our dreams that we look up to the future
Her presence means certainty
And together, we conquer the world
This is sisterhood

It isn’t as always rosy,
I want to be understood on a deeper level,
Wanting to be understood seems like attention seeking
And this throws us in endless fights, once or maybe two times
Is this sisterhood?

I seek to be understood and to share in joy
To share in good and thorny circumstances of life
I wish sisterhood to be authentic,
A safe space where I can always run to
A place full grace, understanding and comfort
That is sisterhood

1 May, 2023