I want you to have the courage to want more

By Alix

            Your eyes will become wider at the sight of lanterns floating in the night sky. The phrase “I want you to have the courage to want more” will echo in your head.

            After your feelings of anger, frustration and desperation pass, these voices notice the magical scene unfolding in front of them, and then they will grow beautifully quiet.

            You grew up associating fire with destruction. On this day though, fire will take the form of a newborns’ heartbeat, the beating hearts of the wishes of people, and their dreams that soar through the sky, blending with the stars.

            Heartbeats? Stars? How can other people see something that isn’t there?

            Despite your confusion, you want to be right there in sky, hearing it, again and again.

            You want to have the courage to want more.

            It won’t be a memory, or a famous singer singing a song, even though the phrase sounds eerily familiar to you. It will be your own voice, and perhaps your mind will finally be able to put the pieces together, your thoughts reaching a conclusion.

            Your heart beating in sync with the glimmer in your eyes, or your past and present self giving you advice. The lantern in your hand will become lighter, and then it sets off into the sky, following the others.

            You will feel the world become lighter, and you can move your shoulders freely again. The lighter might burn your finger as you give a piece of your heart away. It doesn’t matter. You won’t be feeling it anyway. Your body and soul will be immersed in hope, given by the ethereal beauty of the moment.

            Soon enough, the scene will fade and you’ll return to bed. It’s quiet there. You will turn your eyes to the window thoughtlessly. The sky will be empty and dark, but your mind will be full and bright, and you will smile, effortlessly, as if it was drawn by someone else and you’ll whisper, “I want to have the courage to want more.”

26 January, 2023