If it were you

By Mirabel

Maria is her name. A tall, beautiful, kind, hardworking woman. She has blonde hair, light brown eyes which are so gorgeous. Maria comes from a poor family. Growing up, all she prayed for was a life full of roses, getting a good job, going for holidays, being financially independent and finally  falling in love and getting married to a handsome, rich, loving and caring man that would provide for her and the children.


A new chapter of life started. Maria got married to Peter and had three children Jack, Sarah and James. Everything was going on smoothly until Peter lost his job. The change of lifestyle affected Maria and Peter’s marriage in a drastic way. Peace had become a visitor in their home.Quarrelling and arguing over money matters had suddenly become a norm. The constant fights and arguments consequently led both of them into depression. How they would come out of this situation and the fate of their children’s future was a constant worry they both struggled with yet never openly spoke about.


Maria would skip meals in order for her children to eat, she sold some of her wrappers to buy foodstuffs in the house. Peter did minor jobs as a labourer but earned a low wage and found it difficult to pay for power supply, rent and water bills. They had to move to a smaller apartment. Maria felt powerless watching their condition deteriorate by the day and cried a lot. Maria built up courage and prayed that one day their condition would change as the struggle got worse by the day, Maria decided that it was time for her to start her own business to share the financial burden with her husband in a  better way.


Her first port of call was her friends, Ruth,Jane and Sandra, with whom she shared the vision in anticipation that they would render her some support. Maria was shocked when none of them showed up for the meeting she had arranged in a local library, the only place her budget could sustain her. None of her friends showed up for her the way she had showed up for them during their own struggles. Not that any of these thoughts could change her situation but she could not help but feel let down by people she thought were on her side, come rain or thunder. This did not stop Maria from starting her fruits and vegetables business still.


As time went on,she slowly managed to overcome the hurdles that came with being a small business owner. The business started growing. Maria did not stop there but was looking for a contract to expand her business. Fortunately, she received a life changing contract from a big organization that made her business more successful.A local school which Maria’s children had started attending offered her a one year contract for supplying vegetables that they would use in the canteen.  Also, Peter got a call from a long time friend about a good paying job in the city Maria has grown to be a successful rich business woman, her friends Ruth Jane and Sandra later heard of it and came begging for forgiveness, she forgave them and moved on with her life, Maria and her family lived happily ever.

22 March, 2023