In the Heart of a Foggy Morning

By Mozhgan Mahjoob
Mozhgan Mahjoob's stories


What should I say?
I lost my way
I lost the sun in the darkness
The end is dead on the highway
Even the sky is raining in pain
The pain is hidden behind gray
I am still looking to see
What will life be if I stay?
I can’t move on but I believe
This pain will end for me one day
It is the time I need the most
Only to hope and to pray.



My life is bitter
Same as the last remains of
Coffee in a cup
Dense, heavy and black.



In the heart of a foggy morning
Beyond the dead-end roads
I am looking for your harbor
Today I neither want to fly
Nor stay on the earth
Give me destiny


One day

Doors were closed
In the sadness land
I wrote I’m tired
With tears on the sand
My heart was aching
Always with pain
Even my smile
was followed by the rain.
Then I heard
from the waves crashing,
“Things will be fine!
Like a pearl of the sea
One day you will shine.”



The star is bright
In the full dark night
She waits in the boat
To scull in sunlight.


4 November, 2023