Kabrel’s Destiny (Part 3)

By Patrick Bwira Baeni

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Kabrel’s adoptive mother didn’t sleep that night.She was watching after Kabrel the whole time because she could imagine how far Kabrel was shocked and she guessed that Kabrel would do something strange. The whole night she  came and checked on Kabrel’s situation in his bedroom. Once, however, she fell asleep and couldn’t do the routine of checking Kabrel’s bed room. When she woke up, she ran to Kabrel’s bedroom, but couldn’t see him because he had already left. Then, she started looking for him everywhere in the house, but in vain.

She decided to go out and proceed looking for him in her surroundings. On her way back home, she met a girl who was like a friend to her. That girl realized that Kabrel’s adoptive mother was not fine, so she decided to ask her what was wrong. She replied that she was looking for Kabrel the whole day but she couldn’t find her. Then she let her know that she saw Kabrel going towards the graveyards. After thanking that girl, Kabrel’s adoptive mother went to verify at the graveyards. Fortunately, she found Kabrel lying down on a certain grave, and he was profoundly sleeping. She woke him up. And they had a talk. His mother was able to convince him to go back home. Kabrel couldn’t accept for more than an hour of discussion with his mother. After that, Kabrel agreed to come back home with his mother.

His adoptive father did not know about Kabrel’s departure, because the decision was taken during the everlasting night Kabrel spent that day. In the morning, his adoptive father decided to go to work as usual and he spent the whole day working while Kabrel was living the same morning on his way to the graveyards. In his office, under some papers on his table, he realized that the watch was actually there. He couldn’t believe it and started thinking about the way he treated Kabrel the previous night and he profoundly regretted it.

From the bottom of his heart, he decided to ask for forgiveness to Kabrel, his adoptive son. For the sake of forgiveness, he went to a supermarket and bought some gifts to give to Kabrel to ask for forgiveness for what happened the previous day. When he reached home, he called for Kabrel. “My beloved son,” he called, “I beg your pardon for the way I treated you yesterday. I really beg your pardon because I found the watch I was looking for yesterday. You were not the one who took it. It was just in my office. That’s why I really want you to forgive me.”

Kabrel heard his father and replied, “I thank you very much for what happened yesterday because I now know that you are not my biological parents.”. Then he kindly said to his adoptive father, “Daddy, it’s okay. I have already forgiven you. No problem.” In his innermost, he said that he is so grateful for this problem to happen because he could never have known the truth if this hadn’t happened.

In the subsequent days and weeks, however, Kabrel became very sad.  He was a victim of a big lie for a long time. He tried to imagine when he will make a real mistake, what will be the attitude of his adoptive parents, if they could treat him this way while he didn’t actually do the thing he was accused of.

Since that day, then, Kabrel’s attitude changed. He was always sad and never happy. Because he was busy thinking about his life and his future. Uncomfortable and distressed at home, he started spending the longest part of his day in churches to listen to the word of God and start praying for his future, which he had seen as in danger. Next Sunday Kabrel went to church where he met the preacher teaching the lesson about trusting God no matter what. The preacher got his scripture from Jeremiah chapter 15 verse 5 which contains the following words, “This is what the LORD says: “Cursed is the one who trusts in man, who draws strength from mere flesh and whose heart turns away from the LORD”.

From that teaching Kabrel was in a dilemma because at the same that he recognizes his parents’ love shown by the forgiveness they asked for he was also thinking about being independent and not depending on his adoptive parents any longer, because he was getting older and needed to start thinking about his future. He decided to keep on trusting only God. From the bottom of his heart, he decided not only to forgive his parents but also to start working hard for his future sake. Then he went to talk to his parents that he needs to leave the house because he had become an adult.. It was hard for them to allow him leaving, but because he insisted, they allowed him to leave and asked him to be coming back whenever he needs their support.

Kabrel left their home to the church from where he started living. At the beginning of this new life, things seemed to be easy but when days were going on, he started spending some nights without eating. Thanks to the decision of growing up he had made, he decided to endure. He had no option apart from praying. Since he was living in the church, he spent a lot of his time praying and practicing his preaching and singing talents. In his dreams, he could always see himself preaching in front of a large crowd. Then, he started removing the prayers of asking God to kill him and started being focused on his dreams and praying for them to be fulfilled. When the church caretaker realized that Kabrel was sleeping in church, they were obliged to tell him that he needs to stop sleeping within the church to avoid problems in the future. Since then, Kabrel spent his nights in the mountains, praying to God for his future. He could sleep in the church only when there was a prayer or another night program at church.

The destiny took away ideas of going back to his family and led him to endurance so that he could get the opportunity and time to say his prayers to God. He seemed to be happy but couldn’t be really fine because he was somehow tired inside of himself and sometimes he had suicide ideas. However, no matter what happened, his destiny was too strong. It was leading him slowly, and step by step, towards what he should have been, a great man of God. His solitary moments were moments through which God was revealing himself to him several times. God taught him a lot during this solitary moment. He could be able to forgive, building relationship and keep on trusting God.

God kept revealing himself to him and he found himself starting to preach to crowds of people \. Since then, God kept on raising him in his community step by step until he became a great evangelist in his area. God brought him to a big town where he started pastoring a mega-church holding more than six thousand Christians.  Wherever he goes to preach he is always welcomed like a king. He has become very useful in his community and many people are now helped through his ministry. When he is testifying, he always says “No one has the power to change the destiny of someone else. Whatever God planned for your life, sooner or later it will come to pass no matter how hard or complicated will be the path to your destiny.”

=: The end :=


24 October, 2023